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Javad has been in the jewellery business himself for over 45 years, coming from a very old Russian/Azerbaijani/Iranian jewellery family. Starting his journey with gold, silver, gems and antiquities at an early age sat beside his father... And then came Lynne! She just wanted to wear them all!

Our greatest passion is gold, silver and jewels. Our second passion is the happiness of our customers. The sharing of the beauty, the joy and the wonderment that can be found in precious metals and stones.

Entering the online business later in life than others we can sincerely acknowledge the fact that it can be a very daunting experience! We want our customers to feel safe and sure in their interaction with us, to feel sure that we will acknowledge any questions, uncertainties and requirements they may have, as we would expect ourselves if we were purchasing online.

Please feel free to ask any amount of questions, ask for innumerable photos, we are here to make your time with us the most comfortable online communication and purchasing experience you could possibly have.

Take your time, keep popping back, check the listings, ask your questions. Like it, Love it, Put it in your basket, Proceed to Check Out, and do not forget to follow us on all our social media accounts, specially our online shop at ETSY Shop.

If you later have any problems or issues with a purchase please contact us and we will do our utmost to resolve it. Our motto is: In a world where you can be anything...Be kind.

Member of the Federation of
Small Businesses

Official Moorcroft dealer

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